Good morning Dr. Sher.
Hope this message finds you well and that you can provide me with some insight.

We have MFI with my husband’s sperm having 0% morphology, borderline low motility (0% fast A progressive swimmers and 26-28% slow B progressive swimmers), DFI of 24.6% (after varicocele surgery. Initial DFI was 30% and went down to 24.6% three months after surgery). He has normal volume and concentration levels. We’ve been through 3 medicated failed IUIs and just began our first IVF stimulation cycle.

My husband is turning 41 in March and I turn 36 in May.

My hormone levels are normal.

My stimulation cycle protocol is GONAL-F 250 IU injections daily in the morning, if possible at the same time starting on CD1 and then once follicles reach 14mm I will start the CETROTIDE injections. I have ultrasounds to see how my body is reacting to the injections on day 7, 9 and 11. I will trigger with OVIDREL and GONAPEPTYL before retrieval.

Do you think I’ll have a good response based on this protocol? I’ve noticed online that most people’s IVFs protocols include both GONAL-F along with MENOPUR during stimulation.

Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to thank you in advance for all you do ❤️


Nakia Ordosgoitia