Hi there, I just turned 42 w an AMH of 1.33-1.71 and have been undergoing IVF treatments for over three years with some success – I was pregnant twice, both unviable and resulting in two D&Cs. This is in addition to a natural pregnancy when I was 32 that ended w a D&C due to fetal demise. I recently had a battery of bloodwork conducted and several levels came back abnormal/high:

-Immunoglobulin E (134 kU/L)
-DHEA Sulfate (209 mcg/dL)
-Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (139 nmol/L)

Only the Immunoglobulin E appears connected to recurrent pregnancy loss, as my level indicates some kind of overactivity w my immune system. I’ve read online about how Prednisone and Lovenox can address this and I’m writing to find out what kind of protocol you’d recommend given my situation.

I appreciate your help!!