We have been dealing with fertility issues for 18 months. Last year, I had three early miscarriages (all at less than 8 weeks). These miscarriages occurred back-to-back-to-back within a 7 month period. We were referred to an REI.

Since then, we had thrombosis testing, karyotype testing, thyroid testing, a saline sonogram, ALICE testing, and DNA fragmentation testing. I do have hypothyroidism and have been on Levothyroxine for over 1 year now. We also had a positive DNA fragmentation test and IVF with genetic testing was recommended. All other testing came back as normal.

We completed an egg retrieval in January 2023 and did ICSI and PGT-A testing. We ended up with 3 euploid embryos (AA, AA, and AB) and 1 mosaic embryo. We completed our first FET in March and had an implantation failure. We then prepared for a second FET in April and once again experienced an implantation failure.

Our REI is recommending the ERA test to better examine the endometrial lining and timing of meds. We asked our REI about immmunological factors, but seemed to be dismissed about insufficient science behind this.

I am 35 (almost 36), healthy, and very active. We are looking for answers as we try to navigate a plan. We only have 1 euploid embryo left and want to make the best decision. We appreciate your expertise and help!