Hi Dr Sher, I wish you had never left South Africa, as that is where I am from.

I am 33 years old, we went to do ivf as my fiance is paralysed. He was placed on meds to improve sperm quality and a TESA procedure was done, they got 12 straws. First fresh transfer was on 1 March, had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks after seeing the heartbeat – HR at 6 week scan was 104. We did genetic testing on products of conception and it came back as genetically normal female. My Dr… Dr Antonio Rodrigues from Medfem fertility sent me for the miscarriage panel of tests, everything was normal, had slightly raised protein C.

For the next FET on 2 June Dr put me on the immunoglobulin protocol with ecotrin, beriglobin injections, progesterone and prednisone. At 5 weeks I started bleeding, but it stopped after about an hour. First scan at 6 weeks showed a heartbeat of 103… Dr asked me to come back in 4 days to see if it had improved… But it was at about 80… 4 days after that at the next scan, there was no heartbeat. Genetically normal male.

I have endo stage 2/3, Dr did a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy before we started ivf in Jan this year.

We did a uterine biopsy and sent the tissues to the USA for the EMMA and ALICE tests… Results came back that I have the gardnerella bacteria in my uterus. Dr treated me with Flagyl and gyna guard vaginal probiotics. We will repeat the antibiotics and probiotics when we do the next transfer in November.

I also asked to repeat the miscarriage panel of tests and I got a low aPTT.

My concern is… My mother has SLE and RA, auto immune diseases run in my family, but all my testing is clear. I don’t doubt My Dr at all, he is amazing. But I really want to do everything we can this time.

Would it help to rather receive clexane and intra lipids vs ecotrin and beriglobin injections?

In SA there aren’t many highly specialized labs like in USA. So we are doing what we can from here. I’m currently on Stims, next scan on Thursday and then egg retrieval next week, sending the embryos for genetic testing before transfer.

Is there anything else you know that might help, or anything you can recommend.

Thank you so much.