I’m located in Hong Kong doing IVF. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks (natural pregnancy) and then diagnosed with low AMH (33 years old and AMH of 0,69) did IVF and had no implantation. We tested the embryos. My lining is always between 7-8. Did hysteroscopy (just a bit of scarring in the lower part), inmune testing Chicago (high CD19 cells at 19.2), have done 5 endometrial biopsies no endometritis but displaced implantation window, changed the progesterone protocol (now doing progesterone shots twice per day, vaginal twice as well and taking oral progesterone), did a natural cycle and all of them come back as non receptive. Did an ERA on Day 5 and day 7 post ovulation and all of them came back pre receptive. Don’t know what else to do and my doctor wants to continue doing biopsies, as well as inmune protocol with Perisodene and intralipids. Also adding clexane and viagra. Kindly share with me your opinion. Thanks in advance.