Dear Dr Sher,

My husband and I (both 35) have a severe male factor as well as lean PCOS. Despite this we had great fertilization and blastocysts rates in our IVF-ICSI with beautiful AA and BB embryos. Meanwhile we had 5 of our embryos transferred, of which 3 were able to implant but none grew beyond HCG 40 mIU/ml. I am lacking the activating KIR receptors (AA haplotype) on my uNK cells and have HLA C1/C2, my husband is C1/C1. To support implantation we apply Granocyte subcutaneously after FET. Our immune-compatibility was checked and we are not “too similar”. I have no inflammation in my endometrium, as the histology stainings were normal, and also no autoimmune autoantibodies (APS, thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis or SLE). My lining is good and the cavity looks good (no chronic/repetitive infections, no endometriosis). We are anxious to keep going with our remaining embryos. What else can we do to overcome repetitive pregnancy loss?

Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you.