Hi Doctor.
I am worried about my uterine receptivity and progesterone exposure. I’m in the TWW after a modified natural cycle. On a Monday my follicle was 17mm. and my doctor told me to trigger the next day not expecting that I was going to have a surge yet. My bloodwork wasn’t back so I left the clinic. It turns out on the Monday with the 17mm follicle I was surging. But I wasn’t informed. I still took the Ovidrel shot Tuesday. I came back for an ovulation check on Wednesday (2 days after my surge and 1 day post trigger) and it showed that my follicle had collapsed and my progesterone was 13. I was instructed to start progesterone suppositories that day and come back 5 days later, the next Monday for my transfer.

I am now realizing that I may have ovulated on the Monday night or Tuesday meaning 6-7 days of progesterone exposure (including the 5 days of suppositories). I am freaking out because everything I read states that no more than 5 days of progesterone exposure is best prior to the FET. If I had 6-7 days would this impair the receptivity? My doctor does the FET 7 days after the surge in a modified natural. But i’m worried that I may have an extra day or 2 of progesterone since I may have ovulated on the Monday night (after my surge or Tuesday before or post trigger). Again, my appointment on the Wednesday showed my follicle collapsed and my progesterone was 13.

Please advise if the extra progesterone I may have been exposed to could cause problems with receptivity.