Hi Dr. Sher,
I finished a uterine lining check mid April for admittance to a refund insurance plan and we got to 9 mm thickness on oral, patch and shot forms of estrogen. This was after a previous mock cycle the month prior that only got to 5 mm on oral estrogen only. I did not have any bleeding after the first mock cycle. On ultrasound it just seemed to resorb going from 5 mm to 1 mm in a week or two. This second round, I’ve had 6 days of light bleeding and it looks like it is about to stop. I’ve also had a week or two of clear discharge. We have embryo creation set for this Wednesday the 24th. Does 6 days of bleeding almost a month after the estrogen was stopped sound normal ? I had a lab confirmed positive for an infection in March/April as well and was on 5 days of oral Flagyl. My OB/GYN feels the bleeding is normal and related to the hormones. I always worry and make myself crazy. We did have a little girl 2 years 9 months ago with this practice and same egg donor and with my husband’s sperm and trying for a genetic sibling. I also have 3 older children 19,16,14 from my first marriage. I carried them all to term. All 4 healthy kids. Just a little worried and letting my mind wander. Thank you for your time! I can see you are thorough !