Dear Dr. Sher,

Thank you for your answer.
I did take ivig before pregnancy was diagnosed. Took 30g ivig on ovulation and on positive hgc test but it faild to relax my immune system.

I refuse to take steroids as i was provided with 20mg prednison for 8 months. I had adison crises and ovarian shutdown with extremly elevated fsh. Took me a year to heal my ovaries and get pregnant again after i did a big research how to heal my ovaries and it luckily worked.

I want to try treatments that wont affect egg quality at all like ivig, lit, intralipids and plasmapheresis. I hope that i’ll manage to bank embryos for surrogacy but i am 44 so i need to see if ivf works for me.

I have a few questions:
1. I Did 3 lit treatments 1.5 years ago. Lads were negative.
After the last pregnancy loss I did the 4th lit. Finally lad became weak positive 40%. Do you think that positive lads gives me a better chance to carry a pregnancy?

2. Do you think tacro can be a good option after failing with ivig? Does it have horrible side effects like steroids?

Thanks a lot for your advises and terrific website. It helped me a lot.

This is my original message:
Just had my 6th miscarriage, natural conception with ivig and lit.

I am disgnosed with partial dq-alpha gene match (0301) and elevated nk cells.
We have a 4.5 years old son concieved naturaly and easily.

My miscarriages are very early.
We had 3 LITs a year and a half ago however LAD is still negative.
I took 30g IVIG on ovulution and on positive hgc test.
Aldo added ovidral on positive hgc test.

Immune pannel taken a day after the second ivig showed elevated tnf-alpha, elevated nk cell activity and 29.4% nk cell count.

We lost the pregnancy, the sac was empty and matched 4 weeks size.