Hi Dr. Sher, I am asking this question after first egg retrieval. I am 40 years old, first time doing this IVF. I saw about 23 follicles during ultrasound and was on 21 days lupron protocol ended with 20 eggs, 13 matured, 10 fertilized and 6 became 6 days blastocysts. After pgta I got results as follows: one low level mosaic trisomy 22, 1 high level complex mosaic, three abnormal and one chaos. I currently have 7 years old daughter and trying for the 2nd baby. My first child was conceived naturally. My amh was 4.2. I am preparing for the 2nd egg retrieval. Can do anything differently. I eat healthy, taking all coq10, vit D, prenatal, calcim magnesium, dha, dhea(25mg only one pill) vit c and nac. I walk every other day. Do I have a hope to have good embryos next cycle. I am very healthy no disease illnesses in the past. Thank u.