Hello Dr Sher,

I hope you’re well.

I am pleased to say that I got my first pregnancy confirmed on Monday, beta levels/ rises are healthy so far. I’m using Lubion instead of PIO for progesterone support and I’m concerned I’ve accidentally been given the wrong size injection needles.. I was busy with work all week, so didn’t check till this morning.. I was originally using 27G needles and now I’ve been using 23G. (subcutaneously in my stomach), which are quite a bit bigger, it occurred to me this morning that the bigger needle might be detrimental to the developing pregnancy (I’m very slim too) – should I be concerned? I’ve emailed the clinic, but I don’t think they’ll pick up until Monday.I’ve ordered the small administering needles per the lubion instructions..

I attribute this pregnancy success (let’s hope it continues!) in part to you & your wonderful support, shared insights and invaluable expertise..many, many thanks & best regards! Cassidy