Hi Dr Sher,

I’m at a crossroads and desperate for advice. I’m 34 and my husband and I did 3 rounds of IVF to bank 4 euploid embryos. While I have low amh/DOR — my euploid rate was 80%. I also have stage 3 endometriosis that was excised in November. I fell pregnant 2 weeks after that surgery but unfortunately I’m suffering my second unassisted pregnancy loss in 9 months at the same gestation (5w5d). I wanted to check all immunology boxes before an embryo transfer. I just received my results. Unfortunately I am KIR AA and my husband is HLA-C c2/c2. My test did not show my HLA-C genotype but I can assume this is least favorable. We also have a HLA-DQa partial match. I feel I’m standing at the bottom of a mountain. I desperately want to carry but I don’t want to lose any embryos. I can’t afford to. Is surrogacy my best route? Is there any chance?