Dear Dr Sher,
I am a 35 years old woman and I have fallopian tube blockage. I have had 4 IVF cycles, 3 were unsuccessful, the second was successful (at the beginning hcg:5000, progesterone: 34), but unfortunately I had to abort it due to 22q microduplication (we were tested negative). Before the successful transfer I was sick and I got estrogen (it was after the stimulation round therefore my endometrium grew slower). I was vomiting, I had slight bleeding and I felt really bad during my pregnancy. Now I had a new stimulation round with PGT-A.
I had the following immunological tests: Th1/Th2 and NK. In the follicular phase I had extreme Th1 dominance and a little bit higher NK function. In the luteal phase (my cycle 28 days long but my luteal phase normally takes only 10 days) I had Th2 dominance and slightly higher number of NK cells.
In July I am going to have a new transfer. After LH peak I’ll get progesterone, steroid, maybe estrogen.
Do you think the medications may be sufficient for my immune problem? Is it possible that when I was pregnant due to the short luteal phase and the lower level of progesterone the immune system turned back to Th1 dominance and caused harm to the fetus?
I highly appreciate your reply.
All the bests,