I’m almost 40 y/o. I’ve had 4 failed IUIs and two egg retrievals, resulting in only 1 euploid from 47 total eggs retrieved. My fertilization and blast rates are “average” to above average, but my maturity rates are very low. In my first retrieval, only 13 of 20 were mature. In my second retrieval, only 12 of 27 mature. Between my first and second retrievals, on 10/27/23, I had robotic endometriosis surgery with an expert excision surgeon, who found very little endo, but that my left tube was swollen and partially closed. This was a surprise since I had a clear HSG in 9/2022. I also had Ovarian PRP before my second retrieval. What can I do to improve my maturity rate? My RE had me on an antagonist protocol for both cycles and does not think it would help me to change the protocol.