I am seeing Dr Klitz at Cny fertility. I have had two filled IUI and two filled IVF. I have no health history besides a tilted uterus. My husband, sperm mythology is low and abnormal, but does have some normal sperm. I have done a washout for his sperm. I would like to know if I should book a consultation or if this is enough For you to let me know if the medication regiment is good or is there anything that you would like to change?
may do antimicrobial levaquin flagyl valtrex 500 mg each for 30 d and diflucan 150 mg q week for 4 weeks
prp high vol at beg of cycle
strick to dr k carnivore
letrozole 5 mg x 5 or natural cycle trigger or opk
weekly lipids fish oil
lovenox 30 mg twice a day
prograf 1.5 mg twice a day
prednisone 10 mg twice a day
may do 1 or 2 embryos
no antihistamine
fet under anesthesia due to painful ets
may add metformin 500 mg xr