I am considering the second attempt of IVF and choosing the clinic, but prior wanted to briefly get some consultancy concerning the chances for success.

I live in Milan and last year made an attempt of egg freezing at IVI clinic. Aged 42, the sonogram showed 9 follicles, one dominant, all the tests were good, including hormones. The doctor told me to start Progynova before next period, which I did. But next sonogram showed only 4 follicles in the next period, so doctor decided to stop Progynova in this cycle considering it not very promising (as a reason he considered multiple flights that occurred that month). In the next period sonogram showed 5 follicles, and the doctor decided to start stimulation. Might be worth mentioning that each cycle showed a dominant follicle and corpus luteum meaning the ovulation was in every cycle. The stimulation was with Bemfola and Meriofert injections and Provera G pills. Each week the tests were made, that were all good. The stimulation was long (16 days), as the follicles were growing slowly at the beginning. After that the doctor scheduled the eggs pick-up. One day before the pick-up the injection of Decapeptyl was made. During pick-up the doctor punctured 3 follicles but they were all empty (only liquid but no eggs). As a reason the doctor considered the age. Therefore before my second attempt I wanted to consult first if you see any chances for success with my own eggs or as the follicles turned out to be empty during the first attempt that means it will be always like that?

Thank you very much in advance