Hi Dr Geoffrey,
I’ve been dealing with fertility issues for years (endometriosis, fibroids) and last year, after two unsuccessful embryo transfers (of genetically normal embryos), I decided to have a laparoscopy surgery to treat the endometriosis and remove the intramural 8cm fibroid. After the surgery I was prescribed Lupron for 4 months coupled with Norethindrone. Approximately 5 months after the surgery I had a hysteroscopy to get prepared for a new transfer cycle and the doctor found adhesions and a septum. They cleaned everything and scheduled a follow up hysteroscopy in which they also found some minor adhesions that were removed. I started preparing for transfer and my endometrium didn’t respond to estrogen and produced fluid (I had had fluid before but my lining had been able to grow). During estrogen stimulation I progressively used 1 patch, 2 patches, 4 patches, 8mg of oral estrogen (all of this for about 6-7 weeks) with no improvement to the growth or fluid. I stopped the estrogen for two weeks and had another hysteroscopy in which they removed scar tissue (from the same places as before) and I’m now in 4mg estrogen therapy for a month. Do you have any ideas of what else could I do if my lining remains irresponsive after this? Could I be doing something else now while on the estrogen therapy to help with the endometrium growth?
Really appreciate your thoughts.