Hello Dr. Tortoriello,
My name is Jeffrey Dorr and I am a US physician (neuroradiologist) living overseas in Japan. My wife is 41 yo, and has undergone fertility treatment here in Japan for the last 16 months, including 6 rounds of egg retrieval to get enough PGTA cleared eggs, surgery to remove large fibroids, surgery to remove several polyps, and 1 failed embryo transfer followed by ERA testing. On 8/17, she had her 2nd embryo transfer, and so far she is still pregnant (hCG 286 on 8/25, day 8 after transfer). It’s been a long process, but we are hopeful.
However, my father is having a complex cardiac surgery at Mt Sinai in September, for which my wife and I will come stay in NYC for about 2 months. We leave this Sunday, 9/3 for the USA, before my wife has a chance to confirm fetal cardiac activity. Her REI doc here recommended she see an REI doc in NYC for continued care while away.
I asked around and your former patient, Dr. Amy Leigh, recommended I reach out to you. I called your office this morning and was told you cannot see patients who are already pregnant. I do very much apologize for this unusual situation, but if you would be willing to see my wife for the 2 months we are in NYC, we would be extremely grateful. If that is not possible, as we are unfamiliar with the area, we would very much appreciate a recommendation for an Ob doctor who might be able to see my wife while we are in the US. We do have full medical insurance coverage with Cigna in the USA through my work.
Thank you very much for your time.
Jeffrey Dorr, MD