Hi Dr Sher,
My husband and I had our son 5 years(+3 months) ago. He was conceived after just 2 months trying.
We have been experiencing secondary infertility for over 4 year +3 months. I have had 5 embryos fail (untested, age 37). 1 was a blighted ovum, and 1 was a 9 week loss. In all these 4+ years, we have not had a natural pregnancy / even a chemical. I will be turning 40 next month and have 1 euploid (from 2nd retrieval, which yielded in 5 blasts, but only 1 euploid).

I had a (small) isthmocele repaired laparoscopically (as I thought this was our issue). Stage 2 endo was found and partially excised.

I had a RIF panel done, and I’m a carrier for Pai 1( take Fragamin 5000 with transfers), carrier for MTHFR 1298 A>C, carrier for Factor XIII, and carrier for MTRR A66G (take methyl folate with Vitamin b for this). I think when I had this RIF panel done, they tested NK and they were normal (this I got the results January 2023).

I read in your ebook where you say: “With paternal-maternal DQ alpha matching it will often take the passage of several
pregnancies for NK cell activation to build to the point that woman with alloimmune
implantation dysfunction will present with clinical evidence of implantation
dysfunction. Sometimes it starts off with one or two pregnancies surviving to birth of
a baby, whereupon NK/CTL cell activity starts to build, leading to one or more early
miscarriages. Eventually the NK /CTL activity is so high that subsequent pregnancies
can be lost before the woman is even aware that she was pregnant at all. At this point
she is often diagnosed with secondary, “unexplained” infertility and/or “unexplained”
IVF failure. The case report below illustrates the interplay of factors involved in
Alloimmune IID.

I am in Canada. Where can I get tested for dq alpha match? Does it sound like this may be an issue?
Do you think LIT therapy may be an answer ?(but I have to do immune testing first).
What steps do you recommend?