I need your advice. I have had two failed embryo transfers. I had my embryos PGT tested and they were normal and very high-quality embryos. I am 37 years old with no underlining health conditions. But maternal history of endometriosis. I have not been diagnosed with this. The second transfer my doctor place me on Lupron for three months. It was ineffective. I have in asking for natural killer cells labs because I watch your videos. I am waiting for the results.

My question is, what if I have elevated NK cells?

My current doctor does not have any solution as to why my second transfer did not work and does not know what she should do for the next protocol.

Dr. Sher, from the research I have done on you, you have so much more knowledge on specialty fertility in cases where women cannot have a successful pregnancy. I would appreciate if you can give me some guidance and advice thank you for your time.