I compared the markers of different HLA genes between myself and my husband from our raw genetic data which was produced by 23andMe and I found the following:
1. HLA-A: 3/3 markers matched = 100%
2. HLA-B: 2/4 markers matched = 50%
3. HLA-C: 2/2 markers matched = 100%
4. HLA-G: 2/5 markers matched = 40%
5. HLA-DQA1: 7/17 markers matched = 41%
6. HLA-DQB1: 3/9 markers matched = 33%
7. HLA-DRB1: 3/5 markers matched = 60%
8. HLA-DRB5: 9/9 markers matched = 100%

Some APA testing done and was negative. No elevation in thyroid antibodies. Normal karyotype between me and my husband.

What treatments or methods of conception would be helpful for us given this information?

A bit of background:
We have a son from a medicated timed intercourse cycle after trying for 3.5 yrs after 4 failed medicated IUIs and one failed IVF cycle. I had an elevated PAPP-A during pregnancy and uterine artery blood flow was normal, however, son was small for gestational age (basically didn’t grow much after 35 weeks). Been trying for baby #2 since 2020. Since then I have done 5 medicated timed-intercourse cycles, 6 medicated IUIs, 7 blastocysts transferred (not PGT-A tested), all in all only resulting in 2 chemical pregnancies (1 from an IUI, 1 from an FET). Had chronic endometritis and undiagnosed endometriosis all during those blastocyst transfers. I also transferred 6 cleavage stage embryos where I used lovenox, intralipids, prednisone, and other meds but no pregnancy. Endometriosis diagnosed via laparoscopy in the Fall 2023 at age 41.

Thanks in advance for your advice.