I am 41 y/o who recently went through IVF. When I began my menstrual cycle, I did a baseline US which showed 13 follicle in my left and 8 follicles in my right. I started my IVF cycle and was on was Letrozole 10mg for 5 days ,follistim 200 units for 8 days,Menopur 75mg for 8 days ,Garnelix 250mg for 3 days then I was asked to trigger with Pregnyl and Lupron. At my last US(Trigger day ) I had 5 follicles on my left biggest 18.5 and smallest 10mm while on my Right I had 5 follicles as well biggest 26.5mm and smallest 12.5mm.

Now the interesting thing is on trigger day my EStradiol was only 229pg/ml(which per my research showed only 1 egg was mature) BUT the IVF doctor went ahead and retrieved 8 eggs then told me later that 7 of 8 eggs retrieved were GV thus could not be fertilized.

Please explain what caused 90% of my eggs to be immature at the GV stage ??? I am very upset and I suspect my protocol was not right for me.