Hello Dr. Sher,
Hope you are doing well..

1. What is your view about hcg booster shots between ovulation induction and transfer for modified natural transfer? Does it have positive effect on endometrium before transfer? If yes what will be the ideal protocol and dose for hcg booster?

2. What is your view about hcg wash (500iu of hcg injection into uterus one day before Frozen transfer). Does it improve implantation chances? Are there any risks to changing endometrial receptivity due to hcg wash?

3. Adding a single dose of mid luteal phase agonist 3 days post embryo transfer in frozen embryo transfer seems to improve implantation especially for older patients. Do you think this is a worthwhile addition without any detrimental effects?

Is it fine to take lupion sub cutaneous progesterone instead of intramuscular for luteal support?
Planning to use crionone 8% progesterone gel and synthetic progesterone tablet also for medicated natural cycle fet. Please let me know if it should be fine and there is nothing like too much progesterone..

Thanks in advance for sharing your expert opinion and guidance.