Hello. I am 45 and I am days away from medicated FET. I did a mock FET first, and then I was cancelled during my last FET round (right at the end) because I ovulated. So I waited, scheduled a few FET, and they gave me Lupron this time. Well, in a true moment of “IVF,” with all there is to remember, I did my first PIO injection in hurry, and made it ten minutes late for the exact time on my protocol. The nurse said since it was so close, they would not cancel me. After-hours last night as I checked protocol for the next day (today) I realized I took 25 mg of progesterone (I read it has .25 ml) instead of 50 mg, or .5 ml. So I took the missed amount many hours later. This round has gone beautifully. My health and mindset are dialed. I have taken every single supplement, Lupron injection, viagra, and estradiol like clockwork — never missed a thing, and I am killing myself over this small mistake. Uterine lining, and levels are great. This is our only embryo (tested among 3 blasts from my first ER). I love my clinic, but I feel strongly if I alert them to this small shortage, they will cancel my cycle. The spending has been as high as you can imagine. Many cancellations of subsequent ER attempts, the last FET cancellation, the mock, etc. Can I truly impact my entire cycle from 12.5 mg of PIO? I am set to begin 1.5 Ml daily (no vaginal inserts) today. Day 2. With my FET scheduled for Tuesday the 14th. That is 5 days and a few hours from now. Thank you so much!