Just wondering if you see any pitfalls in doing a simple oestrogen/progesterone protocol. I asked about adding in prednisolone, as a precaution. But the clinic is not keen using steroid medications- such as prednisolone, in patients who do not necessarily need it can cause more harm than good and also due to the nature of steroid medications there is a lot of side effects of these medications so would not be a light decision to start them. Its strikes me that approach can vary so much from clinic to clinic… my approach would be to throw everything at it now, minimise the number of collections/transfers needed and cost, i.e take the steroids in case you body see the embryo as an alien object it needs to reject. Would you mind confirming that the oestrogen/progesterone approach stands a good chance of working… I ovulate, produced some euploids and no known issues.

Many thanks & best wishes to you!!!