I just failed my first round of IVF. I am 33. I have a 3 year old (spontaneous pregnancy). History of ulcerative colitis and j pouch with revision in 2018. My HSG was normal however given my previous gut history. My AMH last April was 2.6 and dropped to 1.5 this month. My first protocol included follistim 225 with menopur (75) bumped up to 150 on day 3 of stim due to low response. Antagonist was added on day 8 and I triggered on day 14. I only had 5 eggs. 4 fertilized and 1 embryo to freeze. Transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy. I have always had cyst on my ultrasounds – my doc said my estrogen led her to believe I had 10-12 eggs but turns out most were cyst. Would love to speak with you more. She mentioned lupron flare with growth hormone for next protocol