Hi, I learned of your clinic today on the egg whisperer and several questions arose from that video. I’ve had one retrieval with six day 5 embryos. My first fresh transfer failed with no implantation and my second was a FET and I miscarried at 8 weeks 5 days. I have a bilateral tubal blockage and fluid was found in my tubes before my first transfer and now after my miscarriage I am going to be having my tubes removed after my doctor advised to try another transfer after the first but then ended in a miscarriage. He believes the tubes are what caused the miscarriage but now with all the immunology statistics that were brought up during your interview I wonder if that’s an issue too. My mother has hyperactive thyroidism and I have been tested (basic panel) and everything came back fine. My fertility doctor did do some basic autoimmune testing and everything came back normal (one of the tests were on the higher end of normal though). So I do wonder if there is any other testing I should ask to have done before we proceed to transfer after my surgery( we have four untested embryos left) my husband and I are both 31, with no other known issues besides my tubes. I’m concerned all possible lab testing hasn’t been done to rule out any other possible issues besides my hydrosalpinx