Hi Dr. Scher! I’ve been listening to a few of your interviews with Dr. Aimee on her podcast and am very grateful for the helpful information you provide. I am 34 years old and have an almost 3-year old daughter who I had no problem conceiving. Since May of 2022 I have had two miscarriages and two failed IUIs. I’m currently undergoing IVF (8 eggs retrieved, mature, and fertilized resulting in 3 blastocysts 5AA, 3AB, 4BA) and waiting for PGT-A results. I had a recurrent pregancy loss panel done and the one thing that came back abnormal was an elevated Anticardiolipin Ab,IgM,Qn01…this was tested again 12 weeks after and was still elevated. My question is whether this can cause implantation failure and if so, how can I address it before a frozen embryo transfer? Thank you!