Hello – I’ve just finished my second egg retrieval, both of which had disappointing results. I am 36 years old with a low AMH (0.69 as checked in November of 2022). Last FSH was 7.7. First egg retrieval was in December, second in March. Here are the 2 protocols I’ve used:

0.20 of Lupron starting CD 1 (microdose morning and evening)
300 follistim nightly
150 menopur nightly
2 vials Omnitrope (0.50 every other day for first 7 days, so total of 4 doses)

Followed this protocol from November 25 – December 6, Lupron AM on December 7th, triggered with Novarel IM 5,000 on December 7th. ER yielded 9 eggs. 1 mature at collection, 2 matured overnight. From that, we did end up with 1 euploid embryo.

Second retrieval was yesterday, 3/22.

Started on CD 3 (saw RE on CD2, started the next night):
Same Omnitrope protocol
Menopur 150 nightly
Follistim 300 nightly
Ganirelix started on CD 7.
Triggered on CD 13 with 7,500 Pregnyl. (I asked for 10,000 but my RE said my estrogen was above 4,000 and I would be at risk for OHSS with 10,000).

They retrieved 14 eggs from me, but found out today only 2 were mature.

I’m honestly devastated and not sure what to do. We don’t have the financial resources to do more than 1 more retrieval (and even that’s stretching it).

I had been supplementing with 75mg of DHEA prior to both, but my levels were never checked.