I hope you can advise me on the situation below. I had Pregmune testing completed in January 2023. It showed my husband and I have DQ alpha match: DQ Alpha – full match, DQ Beta – partial match, HLA-DRB1 – partial match, HLA-DRB3/4/5 – partial match.
I also had the Receptiva Dx test done, which came back at 3.8, which prompted me to get a laparoscopy in January 2023. Dr. exercised stage 1-2 endo.
I had 2 transfers of day 3 embryos (2 & 4 embryos) post lap done while using neupogen. Ended in nothing. Switched clinics. New RE dismissed the need of neupogen or any other immune therapy. First transfer was 1 day 3 embryo. I got a chemical!! It was short, but for the first time since my hubs & I are together (3yr now), we saw 2 lines. Next transfer of 3 day 3s failed. We went back to IVF clinic #1, had a fresh transfer of 3 blasts – failed.
I feel like it is more than coincidence that the only time I had a positive pregnancy test was after the transfer of 1 embryo.
My progesterone, estrogen, lining were always on point, lining converted, etc.
In November 2023 I re-did the receptiva DX test. It came back at 3.6. That’s 10 months post lap! This prompted me to investigate possible adenomyosis, and or return of endometriosis. I had an MRI read by highly recommended specialist, everything looked normal except “thickening of uterosacral ligaments”.
We also thawed, cultured and tested our remaining day 3 embryos. We have 2 euploid embryos. Which obviously are very precious.

What to do next? What is, in your opinion, the bigger reason for failed transfers (of course embryos were not tested, but out of 6 transfers, 15 embryos total, only 1 chemical? They could not have been all bad):
DQ Alpha match or positive receptiva post endo removing surgery?

To address positive receptiva I was recommended to go on lupron & letrozole suppression for 2 months. I really do not want to do that, but if it’s NEEDED, I will.
I do have a problem with Receptiva, because the creators of this test, never ever had done a study on the BCL6 overexpression post lap.

But maybe our issues are not because of Positive Receptiva? Maybe the lack of implantation is due to the DQ Alpha match? Maybe I should try another ER, do a fresh transfer of 1 blast (PGT test the rest) while taking neupogen? Should I be taking prednisone? If yes, how much?

Realistically, what are the chances of us having a successful pregnancy with matches below?
Should we just fast-track to surrogate?
Thank you