Good afternoon,

I’m posting in English. Thank you very much for your answer.
Last April my AMH was 0.04, even though I did my first IVF and got two follicles with two embryos. One of them ended up in a 7 week miscarriage and the other one is frozen. I had Pergoveris (225 every two days) and Letrozol.
In October I had a PRP done.
Now, last December, my AMH was also 0.04 and I’ve done 3 IVFS since then, the first time was natural cycle in which the follicle was empty.
Days later, I started taking shots (Meriofert 225 daily and 1 pill of progesterone daily), we did two more rounds in 40 days (I took the shots for all this time) and ended up having 3 follicles the first time, which turned out to be 2 empty and 1 atretic. The second round we got two follicles to puncture but both were atretic eggs.
So, my question is whether this atresiaand empty follicles is because of the bad quality, that is now terrible or due to the treatment/medicine. Should I do another IVF with other drugs or try with the frozen embryo?
Thank you very much.