Hi Dr. Sher, I have a child conceived naturally at 39 and then two early miscarriages also natural conception (first loss at 6 weeks and second loss at 7 weeks prior to heartbeat being detected) at age 42 and age 43 which were attributed to likely chromosomal abnormalities. Since that time I’ve had one failed round of own egg IVF where none of the fertilized eggs made it blastocyst and one frozen donor egg round where 4 of 6 fertilized eggs made it to blastocyst and three were chromosomally normal. My first FET transfer was a hormonal replacement cycle that resulted in a chemical pregnancy. My second FET was a modified natural transfer that was negative for pregnancy, and now my last transfer was modified natural with autoimmune protocol (baby aspirin, 10 mg Prednisone daily, Claritin 10 mg daily, famotidine 20 mg twice a day, 5 mg estrace starting week of transfer and progesterone 200 mg suppository twice a day for luteal support.) What do you advise should be done next to increase chance of next donor FET transfer being successful? Will add that all my pregnancies have been with my husband who had sperm analysis done with good total sperm count, but less than 2% normal so advised IVF would be best. Thank you.