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Your Trusted Fertility Clinic In New York, NY

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Your Trusted Fertility Clinic in New York, NY

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Infertility diagnosis/treatment

The causes of infertility are multiple and are often difficult to define but may include anatomical conditions involving tubal patency and/or function as well as diseases of the testicles and/or or sperm ducts, dysfunctional levels of certain hormones in both men and women, and ovulation difficulties in women.

Recurrent miscarriage diagnosis/treatment

The time has come to embrace the reality that the term “unexplained” is rarely applicable to 1) infertility of unknown cause, 2) repeated IVF failure, and 3) recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). More often than not, rather than being “unexplained,” the condition is simply ignored and as such remains “undiagnosed.” All that is needed is to investigate and treat the issue appropriately in order to solve the problem.

Egg freezing for future fertility

There are many reasons why patients may need to preserve their fertility. For some, it may be a focus on education and career delays and for others it may be due to an illness. Although the decline in reproductive potential that occurs with age cannot be reversed, freezing your eggs at a younger age may allow the eggs to be preserved until you are ready to conceive. While there are no guarantees, using cryopreserved eggs may improve your chances for pregnancy in the future.


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Dear Patients,
I created this forum to welcome any questions you have on the topic of infertility, IVF, conception, testing, evaluation, or any related topics. I do my best to answer all questions in less than 24 hours. I know your question is important and, in many cases, I will answer within just a few hours. Thank you for taking the time to trust me with your concern.

– Geoffrey Sher, MD

Name: Charlene Priscilla T

Dear Dr. Geoffrey,

I get a empty follicle. What I can change for my last stimulation? Low AMH. Age 40.

Kind regards,



Empty Follicle Syndrome” is a misleading term because follicles always contain eggs. However, some eggs may have difficulties detaching and being retrieved. This is more likely to happen when multiple attempts are needed to retrieve an egg from a follicle, indicating the egg may have chromosomal abnormalities.

The hormonal environment created during controlled ovarian stimulation plays a significant role in egg development. In certain cases, follicles may not release their eggs during retrieval, leading to the misconception of “empty” follicles.

This situation is most commonly encountered in older women, those with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), and women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). To address this problem, personalized protocols for controlled ovarian stimulation and careful administration of the hCG trigger shot are important.

The hCG trigger shot is given after optimal ovarian stimulation to initiate the process of reducing the number of chromosomes in the egg. It also helps the egg detach from the follicle’s inner wall. This allows for easier retrieval during the egg retrieval procedure.

Women with increased LH activity, such as older women, those with DOR, and women with PCOS, are more susceptible to the negative effects of LH-induced ovarian testosterone. Excessive LH activity can compromise egg development and increase the chances of chromosomal abnormalities. Medications like clomiphene and Letrozole can stimulate LH release, and certain drugs containing LH or hCG can have negative consequences.

Individualizing the controlled ovarian stimulation protocol, determining the correct dosage and type of hCG trigger, and administering it at the right time are crucial. The recommended dosage of urinary-derived hCG products is 10,000 units, while for recombinant DNA-derived hCG, the optimal dosage is 500 micrograms. A lower dosage of hCG can increase the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs and negatively impact the outcome of IVF.

Understanding the role of LH activity, the effects of medications on hormone release, and the importance of personalized protocols are vital. By optimizing these factors, the risk of failed egg retrieval and “empty follicle syndrome” can be minimized, improving the chances of successful IVF outcomes.



Herewith are  online links to 2  E-books recently  co-authored with  my partner at SFS-NY  (Drew Tortoriello MD)……. for your reading pleasure:

  1. From In Vitro Fertilization to Family: A Journey with Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS) ;


  1. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Unexplained IVF Failure: The Immunologic Link ;


I invite you to visit my very recently launched “Podcast”,  “HAVE A BABY” on RUMBLE;

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Empty Follicle Syndrome

Empty Follicle Syndrome

“Empty Follicle Syndrome" is a misleading term because follicles always contain eggs. However,...

Our Team

The emphasis we put on innovative, state-of-the-art technology began with our founder, Dr. Geoffrey Sher, one of the pioneers in the field of IVF, who has been influential in the births of more than 17,000 IVF babies. Dr. Sher plays an active role alongside our medical director, Dr. Drew Tortoriello. Together they have over 55 years of clinical and academic experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine.

Together, they were the first to introduce Preimplantation Genetic Testing which vastly increases the chances of IVF success and is now performed worldwide. They also pioneered the testing and treatment of Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID) that frequently leads to “unexplained” infertility, repeated IVF failure, and recurrent miscarriage. We’re able to conduct a variety of other treatments and tests right on site. For example, we offer on-site sperm testing to ensure proper sperm selection techniques are used to create the healthiest possible embryos.

For those women seeking to preserve their fertility, we offer vitrification, a state-of-the-art technology that ensures their eggs will ultimately be thawed successfully.

From the moment you walk into our state-of-the-art New York fertility clinic, you’ll feel the warmth and compassion that will define your experience with us. Drew Tortoriello, MD serves as our Medical Director. He’s an outstanding fertility specialist that you’ll find to be caring, compassionate and personable.

When you receive fertility treatment with us, your doctor will participate with hands-on management of your case throughout your treatment. We’ve gained a reputation of being the place to turn to when all other treatment options have failed, and patients are searching for hope and fresh alternatives.


  • Our doctors are among the best in the world, with over 55 years of combined experience
  • Together, they pioneered several tests and treatments that can help where other treatments have failed
  • We do many tests right here at the clinic, which means faster results and ensures proper techniques are used
  • Your doctor will be with you at every step of your treatment
  • Everyone here will get to know you during your treatment so you won’t just feel like a number
  • We’re known for being the clinic to go to when all other treatments have failed