In partnership with The Ribbon Box, we are giving away a Free IVF Cycle*, PLUS:

🏨 5 days paid stay in an NYC hotel
✈️ PGT-A, and shipping for biopsies (if required)
🧬 1 year of storage for all your gametes

This is a global IVF giveaway, open to all in need.


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Ends 28th June at 23:59 BST. We will check entries, so make sure to follow each step 🙂

The successful applicant will be contacted by DM on 29th June. This giveaway is in no way associated with IG.

IVF Cycle includes:
5 days paid stay in an NYC hotel
Immunology, PGT-A, and shipping for biopsies (if required)
1 year of storage for all your gametes
In-house testing will be covered, but not to third party labs

Flights, and transportation to / from the clinic
Third-party services (for example egg/sperm/embryo donation or surrogacy)

Providing the Highest Quality of Care

At Sher Fertility Solutions, we understand that each patient is unique. Everything we do is customized to you and your specific needs.


Patient First

Our physicians consult one-on-one with each family and take pride in the relationships built with our patients, we put you first.



Our clinical care team of fertility specialists will be available to you all day, every day.



We make it easy for you to afford our IVF and fertility treatment services.



No matter how difficult a case, we are driven to help you succeed in your fertility goals.

Our Services

We offer a unique mix of innovative, cutting-edge technology and attentive patient care that you won’t find anywhere else.

Egg Freezing

There are many reasons why patients may need to preserve their fertility. For some, it may be a focus on education and career delays and for others it may be due to an illness.

Fertility Testing

If becoming a parent is one of your future goals, there is no better time than right now to understand your fertility status. The earlier you have your fertility checked, the better you will be able to plan for the future when you decide to pursue parenthood.

Fertility Options For LGBTQIA+

Each case is specialized and unique. SFS recognizes that while the technical process of IVF is essentially the same for LGBTQIA+ people as it is for heterosexuals, our doctors and staff at SFS understand the emotional differences that may arise and are with you during the entire process.

Third Party Parenting

When a woman is unable to carry a baby due to physiological restrictions, she may use a gestational surrogate (GS). The IVF clinic needs to be intimately involved and familiar with the process in order to manage a donor/surrogate cycle effectively.

Egg Donation

The egg donation process works in 7 steps: indications, selecting an egg donor, matching the egg donor with the recipient, egg donor recruitment, evaluating prospective egg donor candidates, preparation for the egg donor IVF process, and the cycle of treatment.

Sperm Donation

Some cases of male factor infertility are so profound and intractable as to preclude using male partner’s sperm. In such cases, there is still hope by using donor sperm (DS) The use of donor sperm is both safe and effective.

Embryo Donation

The concept of Embryo Banking/Stockpiling: Embryo Banking offers a potential alternative to IVF with egg donation, for older women and those with DOR who wish to minimize the relentless effect of the “biological clock”.

Gestational Surrogacy

With gestational surrogacy, one or more embryos derived from the patient’s eggs and her partner’s sperm is transferred into the uterus of a surrogate. The surrogate in effect provides a host womb but does not contribute genetically.

“I happily recommend Dr. Sher and his team. He came recommended to me by my sister after I had a negative experience with another clinic close by me. I didn’t think I wanted to travel to attempt to freeze embryos/eggs but it ended up being a better choice to go with a better Dr and team.”

Michelle L.

Sacramento, CA