Yes. This is the right time.

We understand just how stressful and emotionally draining it can be when you’re having trouble conceiving. You may have even felt hopeless and considered giving up. All of us here at Sher Fertility Solutions want you to know that there is hope and that now really is the right time to begin your fertility journey.

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After a failed IVF in South Florida, I decided to focus my attention on moving forward and finding a doctor who will lead my infertility journey towards a success… Dr. Sher and I had our first zoom meeting in August and words cannot describe how LUCKY I am to be able to call myself his patient.

After carefully reviewing my medial records, he was able to explain to me why my last IVF was a failure. He is THE ONLY doctor who took his time to make me understand the immunologic work, the role of the natural killer cells and the importance of having a truly tailored (to me) medical protocol.


West Palm Beach, FL

I am so extremely thankful that Dr. Sher has taken the time to fully review my fertility history and that he ordered a thorough, personalized immunologic workup after a recent failed embryo transfer at a different clinic. These tests revealed that I need further treatment for activated natural killer cells prior to my next embryo transfer to help prevent another failure and more heartache.

No other provider has taken the time to evaluate me in this in-depth manner, even after I asked for it. I know that Dr. Sher’s expertise and knowledge will help my husband and I achieve the family we have always dreamed of having.

Christina G

Rapid City, SD





Why Choose Sher Fertility Solutions?

The emphasis we put on innovative, state-of-the-art technology began with our founder, Dr. Geoffrey Sher, one of the pioneers in the field of IVF, who has been influential in the births of more than 17,000 IVF babies. Dr. Sher plays an active role alongside our medical director, Dr. Drew Tortoriello. Together they have over 55 years of clinical and academic experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine.

Together, they were the first to introduce Preimplantation Genetic Testing which vastly increases the chances of IVF success and is now performed worldwide. They also pioneered the testing and treatment of Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID) that frequently leads to “unexplained” infertility, repeated IVF failure, and recurrent miscarriage. We’re able to conduct a variety of other treatments and tests right on site. For example, we offer on-site sperm testing to ensure proper sperm selection techniques are used to create the healthiest possible embryos.

For those women seeking to preserve their fertility, we offer vitrification, a state-of-the-art technology that ensures their eggs will ultimately be thawed successfully.

From the moment you walk into our state-of-the-art New York fertility clinic, you’ll feel the warmth and compassion that will define your experience with us. Drew Tortoriello, MD serves as our Medical Director. He’s an outstanding fertility specialist that you’ll find to be caring, compassionate and personable.

When you receive fertility treatment with us, your doctor will participate with hands-on management of your case throughout your treatment. We’ve gained a reputation of being the place to turn to when all other treatment options have failed, and patients are searching for hope and fresh alternatives.


  • Our doctors are among the best in the world, with over 55 years of combined experience
  • Together, they pioneered several tests and treatments that can help where other treatments have failed
  • We do many tests right here at the clinic, which means faster results and ensures proper techniques are used
  • Your doctor will be with you at every step of your treatment
  • Everyone here will get to know you during your treatment so you won’t just feel like a number
  • We’re known for being the clinic to go to when all other treatments have failed

What to Expect

I'm not sure if I'm a good candidate for fertility treatment. Should I still book a consultation?

Yes, absolutely! We understand that you’re looking for answers and advice and our doctors will be able to provide those to you, regardless of your situation.

What happens after I submit the booking form?

Someone from our clinic will contact you, either by email or phone, to get a bit more information from you and then you’ll be able to choose a day and time for your consultation appointment.

How secure is all the information I submit via the website?

All of the information you submit is fully encrypted and our clinic’s patient information system is fully HIPAA-compliant, so there’s no chance of any unauthorized access.

I'm not sure which doctor I should choose? Does it make a difference? Can I choose later?

That’s not a problem at all. The biggest deciding factor for you may be that Dr. Tortoriello works every day in our New York clinic, so your consultation with him will be in-person, whereas Dr. Sher is based in Las Vegas, so most of his consultations are done virtually through a web conference call.

If you’re uncertain who to choose, you can discuss your options with our clinical advisor over the phone during the follow up call.

I'm worried about the cost of the consultation. Is it going to be expensive?

The most important thing you should know first is that the full cost of the consultation will be credited to your account as soon as you become a patient.

While there is an upfront cost for the consultation, it varies depending on a number of factors including insurance availability, however it’s likely to be much less expensive than you may be expecting.

I know some clinics that offer free consultations. Why do you charge an upfront fee?

As mentioned in the previous answer, the first thing to know is that the full fee amount will be credited to your account once you become a patient.

We can’t speak to any other clinics specifically, but at Sher Fertility Solutions, our consultations are extremely detailed and lengthy. This means that the diagnosis and treatment plans provided to you after the consultation are truly of great value all on their own, even if you decide not to become a patient with us. 

I'm not sure if I can afford fertility treatment. Should I still book a consultation?

Yes, absolutely. The clinical advisor who contacts you will be happy to answer any questions about finances for you or put you in touch with one of our financial advisors for a more detailed review of your situation.

Will my insurance cover the consultation? What about my treatment?

We accept insurance from many providers for most consultations and treatment plans. The clinical advisor who contacts you will be happy to answer any questions about insurance coverage for you or put you in touch with one of our financial advisors for a more detailed review of your situation.

What's going to happen during the consultation?

The consultation will begin with many questions about your health history and that of your partner.

The doctor may also want to run some tests in order to get a better understanding of your reproductive health. This may include blood tests, ultrasounds, or even genetic testing.

Once the fertility specialist has all of the necessary information, they will be able to recommend a course of treatment.

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